How to Change Default Browser

Every computer and mobile device have a web browser running in the background. Microsoft Edge is available to Windows 10 users, whereas Safari is available to Apple users. Google Chrome, Samsung Internet, or another browser, such as the original Android browser used in prior versions, might be designated Android’s default browser.

You are allowed to modify the settings, although this is not required. Since you changed your default browser, the default browser will no longer be utilized when you click a link or a web-based file.

You may change the default browser to Firefox, Chrome, or Edge on a Windows PC, Mac, or iPhone by following the methods below.

Changing Default Browser in Windows

To begin, use the Windows menu bar to get to the Control Panel. You may do this by hitting the Windows key and the letter I on your keyboard or by choosing the gear icon on the right side of the Windows Start menu.

  • The Apps tab displays a list of all programs that have been installed. The symbol that looks like a bulleted list is this one,
  • The drop-down menu will have options; choose Default apps. It is on the far left side of the screen, as one would assume,
  • From the drop-down menu, choose your current web browser. When you do so, a window titled Choose an App displays on your computer, listing all of the presently installed programs. You should see your newly installed web browser on this list. To get started, go to the official website of the browser and download the installation package,
  • From the drop-down option, choose the web browser you want to use as your default. When you choose one of the available options, your default web browser settings will be changed instantly. As a result, any browser extensions, links, or shortcuts you have installed will now work with your new web browser.

Changing Default Browser in macOS

Changing the default web browser on a Mac is simple and quick. To access System Preferences, click the Apple menu, which is often situated in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select General from the drop-down option. On the General page, choose your favorite web browser from the drop-down box next to the Default web browser.

Changing Default Browser in iOS and iPadOS

You could not change the default browser on your iPhone or iPad before iOS 14 and iPadOS; however, iOS 14 removes this limitation. It is as simple as going to your Settings menu and selecting the preferred browser to change your default browser from Safari to another. By pressing the Default Browser App option in the menu bar, you may choose a browser to use.

Changing Default Browser in Android

You can only set Google Chrome as the default web browser on an Android smartphone via the settings menu. Swiping down from the top of the screen and touching the gear icon opens the Settings menu. In the list of choices, look for an item that says Apps or Apps & Notifications. Start by restarting your computer and going to your installed programs list. Click Open after selecting your favorite browser. You may reach the “Browser app” option by sliding down on the program’s details screen with your finger.


You may change the default web browser on any operating system, even your iPhone or iPad. You must first download and install your new web browser on your computer before making it the default choice in your browser settings.



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