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Work from home has hit the world hard and it has been a goodie for most people as well as businesses. Different organizations have seen the employees be more productive when they work on their terms instead of office terms. So, you might need some work-from-home setup. Here are some of the best choices that you can go for.

Best work from home computer options you can go for

The following are our top picks for work from home computers.

Best practical – Apple Mac Mini

If you think that you are more comfortable with a desktop pc instead of a laptop then their several choices for you. However, sometimes there are issues with the space that pc takes and some other issues as well. Apple Mac Mini can be your best choice in this case.


  • Compact design – It comes in a very small design, yet it houses some of the most powerful internals for the regular office world.
  • Unified memory – With its unified memory, it provides low latency when it comes to processing
  • Fast storage – It comes with built-in SSD storage which means storing and copying files will be very fast


  • Provides performance like a tower without the size of a tower
  • M1 protects your data
  • Thunderbolt port provides the fastest speeds


  • Small size limits the number of ports

Best productive – Asus ZenBook 15

Asus provides its laptops with some stunning internals and the ZenBook 15 is an impressive machine from Asus.


  • Touchpad in screen – The touchpad on the screen is not only something that makes the laptop attractive but it comes with quick software shortcuts increasing productivity.
  • Amazing battery life – Despite the powerful internals of this laptop, it still manages to provide a stunning 10 hours of battery backup.
  • Wide range of ports – There are a lot of different ports on this laptop that fulfill all your work from home demands.


  • 15.6-inch big screen
  • 1.6 KG lightweight laptop
  • SSD storage for the best speed


  • Slim design costs for cooling system

Best basic – Dell XPS 13

Dell provides some of its classiest laptop devices with powerful internals. With its perfect size and power capabilities, it is the best choice for a work-from-home computer.


  • Lightweight – These laptops come only at 1.3KG in total weight which makes them extremely easy to carry
  • Amazing screen – The 13-inch screen comes in different options. You can even get one in 4K for crisp graphics.
  • Amazing storage options – This laptop comes with a storage option upgradable up to 1TB which can meet all your needs.


  • 12 hours battery life
  • Fastest ram options
  • Perfect screen size


  • A limited number of ports


If you are also looking to switch to work from home, then you need some amazing work from home computers. The options we shared above can be your best choice. So, when you are selecting your pc, you must know the requirements and your mode of usage as well. Ensure to buy one that fulfills your requirements in the best manner.



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