Best electric shaver for a sensitive skin

Shaving with razors can cause skin irritation and small bumps on your face, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, for men, having sensitive skin, there is a way in which they can enjoy irritation-free shaving. The solution is to get an electric shaver.

However, as there are hundreds of brand-generic electric shavers for sensitive skin, choosing one of the best ones is quite strenuous. Today, we will discuss some of the best electric shavers. You can use them on your sensitive skin.

Best electric shavers for sensitive skin you can buy in 2021

Below-specified are the 4 best electric shavers for sensitive skin.

Braun Series 9:

Braun Series 9 9390cc is one of the best electric shavers you can get if you have sensitive skin. The blades are super smooth, which do not pull your hair. As a result, your skin remains bump-free aftershave. Moreover, Braun series 9 9390cc provides an excellent wet shave as well.

The integrated Direct and Cut trimmer allows you to cut longer hair even in hard-to-reach areas. The blades of this electric shaver can cut hair down to 0.05mm, which is beneficial for guys wanting to keep a stubble beard. Braun Series 9 gives you the ultimate shaving experience.

Features of Braun series 9 93900cc:

  • A powerful motor that runs at a speed of 14,000 CPM
  • Long-lasting battery, which lasts about 60-65 minutes upon a single charge.
  • Precise shave
  • Cutting edge design
  • Easy to clean

Remington F5-5800

Remington F5-5800 is also the best electric shaver when it comes to the best electric shaver. The three stage-system blades are super sharp and cut hair with extreme precision, which gives you that fresh shave look.

It is a foil shaver and not a rotary shaver, which does not get hot upon continuous use. Remington F5-5800 also has an integrated cutting tool between its foils which cuts longer hair with ease so the foils can provide a closer shave.

Features Remington F5-5800:

  • The powerful lithium-ion battery lasts about an hour after a single charge
  • Foils in combination with the attached intercept cutting tool prevent hair pulling and provide a comfortable shave
  • Integrated precision trimmer
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Panasonic ES-LV6Q

Panasonic ES-LV6Q is an electric foil shaver having an extremely sharp 5 headed blade that cuts hair as soon as they come in contact with the blade. Moreover, the shaving head consists of two rollers that help you avoid putting too much pressure on your skin. As a result, your skin remains irritation-free.

Features of Panasonic ES-LV6Q:

  • Aluminum-based body. Hence, the foil shaver is durable
  • 14000 CPM motor
  • The foil shaver provides an excellent wet shave
  • Quality blades

Andis 17150 Pro

This electric foil shaver has one of the most convenient designs, which allows you to handle the device comfortably. The integrated blades underneath the titanium blades powered by the powerful motor running at 8000 CPM allow rapid oscillation of blades. All this provides a close shave without leaving any bumps on your face.

Features Andis 17150 Pro:

  • The lithium-ion battery lasts long
  • Elegant and convenient design
  • Easy to carry
  • Versatile, as powerful and durable blades which you can use to shave your head as well

The above-specified are the 4 best electric shavers for sensitive skin.



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