Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin

While some people have dry skin only in the winter season, some get dry skin all year round. People try different things to look and feel better, and most of the methods fail. If there’s a solution for the problem, then that is it uses the body lotion for dry skin.

So, if you are also looking for some good skin lotions, then here, we will provide you with some great choices.

The best body lotion you can buy for dry skin

The following are some of the best lotions that you can buy to care for your body.

Best Budget – NIVEA Intense

NIVEA is known for amazing skincare products, and this is one of those amazing products from NIVEA that can change the way your skin feels.


  • It comes in a pump bottle

With this amazingly engineered bottle, there will be no accidental leaks, as you can keep the bottle locked. Similarly, you will never have to shake the bottle to get the lotion out, as the pump does everything for you.

  • 72 hours protection

The lotion is made with a formula that lets it protect your skin against drying less for up to 72 hours. It means a lot of moisturized and fresh feeling skin.


  • Quick nourishing technology
  • A trusted brand for over 130 years
  • It comes with serums and provitamins


The pump does not work to bring out all the contents of the bottle.

Best Fragrance-free – Lubriderm Advanced

If you are looking for a product that does not have a strong fragrance of its own, then there might be no option better than this one.


  • Non Greasy formula

When applying this lotion, there is no need to worry about yourself getting all greasy. At the same time, this lotion will take good care of your dry skin.

  • Intense hydration

The intense hydration of this lotion makes sure to keep your skin moisturized for a long time, no matter how dry it is.


  • It comes with vitamin e
  • It comes with provitamin B5
  • Moisturization lasts for more than 24 hours


It only lasts for 24 hours which can be an issue in winter and extreme dry days.

Best Healing – Jergens Ultra Healing

Some people have skin so dry that the regular products do not seem to work on them. In this case, you need something with extra healing properties. This ultra-healing lotion from Jergens makes a perfect choice.


  • Extra Dry skin lotion

If your skin is extra dry all the time, then you need to try this one out. It will penetrate the 5 layers of skin to reduce the root of dryness.

  • Improved texture

With the usage of this lotion, your skin’s texture, as well as appearance, will increase.


  • It has hydralucence in it to keep the skin healthy
  • Several vitamins for protection of skin
  • Special ingredients to keep skin luminous.


It only lasts for 24 hours which can be an issue in winter and Using the pump can be a hard one for some people.


While dry skin can be an issue, you can resolve it by selecting the right lotion for yourself. So, make sure to study your skin type before you buy any product. Also, get a product that matches all your requirements.



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