Ever dreamed of hitting the open road on your motorcycle but felt a little short on funds to make your dream a reality? Don’t worry! There are lots of way to save money on a motorcycle road trip so you can go further for less money!

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Tip #1 Do Your Own Maintenance

Doing your own maintenance is an easy way to save big money. You should at least know how to do at least basic maintenance on your motorcycle before you leave on a big adventure. This doesn’t mean you have to be a master mechanic, but you should at least know how to change your own oil, your brake pads, plug a tire, change an air filter, things like that.

Depending on the length of your trip, even just changing your own oil could save you hundreds of dollars on a motorcycle trip. It can be a little inconvenient when your traveling and staying in hotels trying to find somewhere to change your oil, and a container to put it in and somewhere to recycle it, but it is definitely worth it in my opinion.

I have personally changed oil quite a few times in hotel parking lots, and behind auto parts stores and it can be a little tricky but it will save you a lot of money so I think it’s worth doing.

Tip #2 Water Bottles

This one actually really surprised me when I found this out. I was on a long weekend trip a few years ago and when I came home and checked my bank statement to see how much money I had spent, I realized I was spending two or three dollars at a time, several times throughout the day, on bottles of water.

It was adding up to fifteen or twenty dollars a day.Which was more than I was spending on food or even fuel.This was just a long weekend trip but if this had been a two month trip, this would have really added up quickly and really taken a big chunk out of my budget.

What I do now is carry enough empty bottles to fill up one gallon of water. In the morning I’ll buy a gallon that’s about two dollars, and I’m good for the day. One concern if you’re traveling someplace warm is that your water is just going to be hot and disgusting all day, but what I was doing on my last trip, was I would just go into a gas station and ask for a cup of ice from the soda fountain.

They would usually let me fill up some ice and sometimes even just let me put some cold water to add to what I already had. So definitely bring refillable water bottles, it’s also better for the environment.

Tip #3 Breakfast

If you’re going to stay at a hotel, make sure you stay at one that has free breakfast. This is kind of a no-brainer for me, whenever it gets to that time of day where I’m starting to think about looking for a place to sleep, the first thing I look for in a hotel, is do they have free breakfast? (The second thing is do they have a hot tub?)

For one, it saves you the obvious cost of coffee and breakfast in the morning, but then magically I always end up with snacks for the rest of the day too, so it really saves
me like two meals.

Also, I tend to eat a little bit healthier at these continental breakfasts, they typically have more healthier options like bananas, and yogurt, just things that are a little bit healthier. This is great because when I’m traveling, out on the road and convenience is king, I’m just living out of gas stations, I don’t tend to eat super healthy, so it’s great when that’s put in front of me, I’m much more likely to
pick something a little healthier. So if you’re going to stay at a hotel, definitely stay at one that has free breakfast, it will save you at a lot of money.

Tip #4 Camp

This is probably the biggest way to save money traveling on a motorcycle and it’s definitely my favorite, and that is to camp.

The savings add up super quick when you compare a hotel at a hundred dollars a night, and even a more expensive camp site at twenty dollars, the savings add up really quick and it’s definitely worth camping on your next motorcycle trip.

To be honest with you, when I’m out on a big motorcycle trip I actually prefer to let the adventure continue through the night in my tent, out in the wilderness.For me it just really captures the essence of adventure to just be so immersed in your environment twenty four hours a day, out in the elements.

So I actually really prefer to camp, as opposed to staying in a hotel, I like having my bike right next to me at night. This isn’t just a budgeting thing for me, I just prefer it, I think it enhances my trips so much to be camping. But it will also save you a lot of money so definitely camp on your next motorcycle trip.

Tip #5 Go Slow

This one may surprise you, tip number five is travel slower.

Now this may seem counter productive if you’re spending a hundred and fifty dollars a day, and your trip takes twenty days instead of ten, that’s going to cost you more. But, actually, when I travel slower I tend to be more methodical about things like finding campsites, cooking for myself, doing my own maintenance and just generally being more budget conscious, so traveling slower for me, definitely helps me save money. Also you just enjoy your trip more when you’re traveling slower.

Alright those are my five tips on how I save money traveling on a motorcycle.

Hope you picked up some tricks to use on your next motorcycle adventure!


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