Cheap Alternative To Go Pro

So you want to start vlogging or just making travel videos from the saddle of your motorcycle? Tight on funds to get all the fancy camera equipment? Fret not, today we are going to talk about a cheap alternative to Go Pro, the ION Speed Pro.  This nifty little action camera comes in at about a whopping 55 dollars on Amazon.

Now that price fluctuates a little bit from what I have seen. I have it saved in one of my buy later categories so I can keep an eye on it and buy more if the price drops. I am always watching the price of it as it fluctuates and it is typically always hovering around 55 dollars. What is really cool about that is that it comes with a whole bunch of mounts, handlebar mounts, helmet mounts and all kinds of different things.

I have two of these cameras on my bike because they were so much cheaper than the Go Pro I was able to afford getting multiple cameras. That way I have a few angles going at any one time. I have my handlebar mount and my helmet mount going simultaneously, it is pretty awesome when you think two cameras was still less than one Go Pro.

I am not knocking the Go Pro, they are awesome cameras. They are just super expensive. Now, with this camera you have the option of shooting in 1080p or 720p. now I typically run it in 1080p and that’s a nice crisp image. The video quality is great especially for uploading to YouTube. Of course, 4K is great, but it is not really necessary if you are not uploading the video in 4K or you don’t have the ability to play back in 4K. So in my opinion the ION Speed Pro is as good as you need it to be if not better. Also, this camera shoots in 14 mega pixels.

Another really neat fact about this camera is that it is waterproof as is. You don’t need an extra case for it it. The camera is actually submersible as is up to 30 feet or 10 meters.

This camera actually has a built in mic which, if you are like me its just mounted to your handlebars all you are going to get is wind noise so it doesn’t do me much good. It is something I think is worth weighing in on though, especially if you are considering vloggin with only this camera.

This camera takes a micro SD card. It is basically an SD card just a little smaller, and slightly different shape. It has a battery life, according to the factory, of up to 2 and a half hours. I think I get little bit more than that out of it. It seems like that mostly depends on what you are doing with it. What I will typically do with my camera when I am using it on my motorcycle, is I will just run in for 15 to 20 seconds at a time. I will just treat it like I am taking a picture so if I see something interesting in the scenery or maybe an animal off in the distance or just a nice turn in the road that I want to capture I won’t just leave the camera running for 15 minutes I just turn it on for 15 to 20 secs then just turn it off. I have found that when I come home from a big trip I am not stuck with 10 hours of footage that I have to filter through down to 3 minutes of usable footage. I just stick with the real good money shots.

This is the ION Speed Pro it is shaped a little different than the Go Pro, you probably know it is more of a square shape, now this is actually a little more aerodynamic when it is on the top of my helmet than a Go Pro would be. Like I said, no case needed for this to be waterproof. Also, it is really easy to operate even with a glove hand. All you have to deal with is a record and stop switch (that is pretty large)  and  this power button that shuts it off when pressed.

If you want to see what this camera can actually do, be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post. I will also talk about some tips and tricks to use when mounting the camera to different places on the bike. What camera angles I use and things like that.


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